"Tommy Z brings the storm of the century with “Blizzard of Blues...This is a real electric blues CD. No filler. Top to bottom great stuff. I’m a guitar player and it’s hard to fool me. Make no doubt about it, Tommy Z is real."  Blue Barry, Smokey Mt. Blues Society

"From straight Chicago Blues to blues/rock, blues with a hint of jazz and more.  Tommy is a master at reading an audience and gives them what they want. Blizzard Of Blues is a diverse piece of work that stays fairly close to blues traditions, flows smoothly, and is easy on the ear. I recommend this one to anyone with a love for blues guitar.  It is a keeper.   Tommy and the band love music in general, with a deep respect for the blues and those who paved the way to make albums like this one possible...a fact that is evident in every note they play."  Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue




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